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The Story:
Well, in case you couldn't figure out what was going from reading the comics that I have up so far, here's a brief summary: Jen tries to commit suicide, she jumps off a building, instead of dying, she lands on Temuran. She starts crying and Temuran offers to be her friend. She interprets that as boyfriend.
As for what happens after that, I already have the script worked out several chapters beyond what is posted, but I wouldn't want to spoil anything. Things are just funnier if you read them. I will say, however, that this is somewhat shoujou. The story is romantic in nature, but not just from the girl's point of view, I hope. Temuran is a real sort of boy. I've observed and witnessed first hand how real boys don't think or feel like girls and I've tried to incorporate that into Temuran. Now, I realize that there aren't a lot of boys who are such pushovers as Temuran is, or who are willing to end up accidently in a committed relationship and actually be committed to it... but there are boys like that, and Temuran is one of them. He would rather not upset or disappoint people, especially girls (he hates it when a girl is crying). He's a peace-making sort of person...

info about Djinni lore (since Temuran is a djinn ^_^ )
Just a little something on Djinni, since Temuran is a Djinn. Djinn are part of muslim lore much like demons are part of christian lore. Djinni have souls and are able to choose right or wrong. The also have magical powers, although the younger djinni aren't usually as powerfull as the older ones. This is because djinni can marry humans (and often do) and the younger djinni have more human blood which makes them less powerful. Some of the powers that djinni are said to have include the power of illusion, the power to fly (often on rugs which they have enchanted and often only older djinni can fly), the power to change into an animal form, which is the same amoung their clan, and has the unfortunate side effect of leaving some physical trait of the animal on the djinni even when they are not in the animal form, and usually each djinn develops some unique power of their own, Temuran hasn't developed his yet... There are both evil djinni and good djinni. In all but a few clans, all the members of the clan are either good or bad. This is not to say that good djinni are perfect, they just prefer being nice to being mean. For example, there is supposedly a very frightening clan of djinni which turn into vultures and are very evil. Temuran's clan is made up for my own purposes. There is no real cat clan, but all the clans of djinni turn into desert animals and since small cats (such as house cats) are originally from the desert, they fit in perfectly with the real djinni of lore.
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